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Lifepoint Forward

Lifepoint Forward

Lifepoint Forward

Lifepoint Health is a diversified healthcare delivery network focused on exploring and implementing cutting-edge ideas, partnerships and technologies that meet patient needs, drive growth and advance our mission of making communities healthier. Innovation is a strategic priority and a key driver of our journey to being the leader in community-based healthcare. Lifepoint Forward represents our approach to cultivating ideas and investing in technology-based solutions to improve quality, access and outcomes while lowering costs.

Through our Lifepoint Forward strategy, we partner with organizations that are positively disrupting the healthcare ecosystem, build companies and solutions to address new opportunities and areas of unmet market need, and buy capabilities we believe will add value to our organization, the communities we serve, and the broader healthcare system.

Importantly, we know that innovation begins where care is ultimately being delivered – in the communities we serve. That’s why we are committed to engaging with our facility teams across the country to understand their specific challenges, and strategically evaluate and implement solutions that meet today's needs and position our network for the future.


Key Partnerships and Collaborations

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