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Loyal Introduces Innovative Multi-Experience Platform; Establishes Five-Year Partnership with LifePoint Health

ATLANTA, GA (October 25, 2021) - announced today a major expansion to its existing suite of patient experience technology solutions: a new platform that provides every patient with individualized guidance to get connected with the best care, combining consumer insights with healthcare systems’ operational capabilities and workflows.

In conjunction with the launch of the platform, Loyal also announced a five-year partnership with LifePoint Health, a leading healthcare company dedicated to Making Communities Healthier®. LifePoint will be the first to deploy this new solution that ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou been fully customized to meet the specific needs of the patients and communities it serves. While LifePoint ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou been a Loyal customer since 2017, this strategic partnership deepens the organizations’ relationship by further expanding LifePoint’s digital health capabilities and supporting its overall efforts to drive innovation and growth. As part of the expanded relationship, LifePoint’s President and CEO David Dill will be joining Loyal’s Board of Advisors.

Once fully operationalized across the LifePoint Health enterprise, Loyal’s platform will touch every part of the patient journey at LifePoint facilities across the country – from researching care and scheduling appointments to patient registration and post-care communications. In addition, Loyal’s platform will assist with LifePoint’s patient acquisition and referral strategies.

“Building the best patient experiences requires more than just buying a great point solution. It takes a partner capable of understanding your business and providing answers to complex problems,” Chad Mallory, CEO of Loyal, said. “We started Loyal to empower patients with the information they need to find the right care. Our new platform and exciting partnership with LifePoint not only expands that, but it also allows us to better know our customers’ operations and use that understanding to drive even better patient experiences.”

Currently, all of LifePoint Health’s more than 80 hospitals utilize Loyal’s artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare chatbot and live chat solution that handles appointment scheduling and other types of triage functionality for hospitals. Loyal also manages provider data, front-end search capabilities, as well as provider reviews and ratings on behalf of various LifePoint Health locations.

“At LifePoint, our patients are at the center of everything we do, and we want to be valued partners in their health by utilizing digital capabilities to engage with them and their families more frequently,” Dill said. “This approach helps ensure that the care they receive is timely and their experience is seamless across the continuum of care. Loyal’s innovative new platform will allow us to further advance our mission of Making Communities Healthier by removing barriers, better meeting patient needs and providing equitable access to care for everyone we serve.”

Loyal’s HIPAA-compliant, machine-enabled platform is built exclusively for the healthcare industry and provides health systems with a 360-degree view of the system and its patients, ensuring confidentiality of all electronic protected health information. It also offers a full suite of omnichannel, conversational engagement tools to connect with patients and drive healthcare actions at scale.

About Loyal
One of the first companies to offer end-to-end digital and AI-powered solutions spanning the entirety of the patient journey, Loyal is the preferred software solution for improved care utilization among the nation's leading health systems and hospitals. From selecting a provider best suited for them to closing the feedback loop on their experience, patients who engage with healthcare networks via our proprietary platform quite simply, tend to be more loyal. Learn how to streamline patients' navigation of your health system and network of clinical services at LoyalHealth.com.

About LifePoint Health®
LifePoint Health is a leading healthcare company dedicated to Making Communities Healthier®. Through its subsidiaries, it provides quality inpatient, outpatient and post-acute services close to home. LifePoint owns and operates community hospitals, regional health systems, physician practices, outpatient centers and post-acute facilities across the country. It is the sole community healthcare provider in the majority of the communities it serves. More information about the company can be found at www.LifePointHealth.net.

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